Casa Nonna Elisa, your holiday home in Scanno!

Nonna Elisa's Home offers the opportunity to stay in the Historic Centre of Scanno, in Via Silla street, between the Porta della Croce (ancient gateway to the town) and Piazza San Rocco square. The structure is a duplex apartment, reachable by car.
The accommodation includes living room, kitchen, two bedrooms with double beds (one bedroom per floor) and two bathrooms (one per floor). The rooms are heated with radiators, but there is also a fireplace for your winter holidays. The rooms offer an enjoyable view over the rooftops and towards the mountains of Scanno.
One to four guests are allowed.
Casa Nonna Elisa is registered in the Tourist Information System of the Abruzzo Region (SITRA), CIR 066093CVP0011.

Casa Nonna Elisa, your holiday home in Scanno!

We look forward to welcoming you to Scanno, one of the most beautiful village in Italy.

Art and Unique Traditions. Churches, Palaces, Fountains, Arches and 'Cemmose' (flight of steps), to learn about history from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century when Scanno was made famous by great photographers whose shots have immortalised the beauty of its stones and of the traditional costume worn by women. Witnesses of an ancient history are the many sacred rites and festivities that are held throughout the year. Worth mentioning are also the craft traditions that have developed since 1700, such as the goldsmith's art (the 'Presentosa' and 'Amorino' to name a few) and the lace pillow (Tombolo). The local food varies from different types of cheese to salami, from meat to vegetables, from pasta to traditional homemade pastries.

The enchanting Nature is part of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise ranging in altitude from 1000 metres (Scanno Lake location, from which the famous Path of the Heart starts, that will make you see the Heart-Shaped Lake) to over 2000 metres of surrounding mountains. It is a broad and diverse environment with uncontaminated places and abandoned hamlets to explore in the desired way: hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing.

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CIR: 066093CVP0011